The Experientia Foundation supports young scientists in the fields of organic, bioorganic, and medicinal chemistry during research stays abroad as well as it provides start-up grants to help them to establish their own research group in the Czech Republic. 


The Foundation’s Story

Slide 1986 - 1996 Hana Dvořáková collaborates with Professor Antonín Holý on the development of antiviral agents and becomes a part of one of the greatest discoveries of Czech science. Slide 2013 Hana Dvořáková, and her husband, Dalimil Dvořák, establish the Experientia Foundation and fund it with the monies they receive from the licensing royalties for the antiviral agents developed at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Slide 2013 - 2014 The Foundation’s first scholar, Jakub Hývl, departs for a year-long research stay at the prestigious American Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he works under the Nobel Laureate Professor Richard Schreck. They subsequently publish an article together in the Nature scientific journal. Slide 2017 Thanks to the Experientia Foundation, ten young scientists have had the opportunity to enjoy a year-long research stay at a prestigious foreign university of their choice. The Foundation has supported them with grants totalling CZK 8.9 million. Slide 2018 The Experientia Foundation announces a new programme providing start-up grants to young chemists who have returned from a research stay abroad and want to make their dream of establishing their own research group in the Czech Republic come true. Slide 2019 The young scientist Ondřej Baszczyňski establishes what is historically the first research group supported by a CZK 2 million Experientia Foundation start-up grant at the Charles University Faculty of Science.

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