The Experientia Foundation supports young scientists in the fields of organic, bioorganic, and medicinal chemistry during research stays abroad as well as it provides start-up grants to help them to establish their own research group in the Czech Republic. 


Meet Our Scholars

Our analogs may contribute to the development of more potent antibiotics

Bacterial resistance to classic antibiotics will soon become a huge problem all over the world. In the course of his research stay at Leopold-Franzens-Universität in Innsbruck, Austria, Lukáš Maier, an [...]
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We are preparing gels to reduce residual impurities in drugs

Special, highly porous gels prepared by Petr Slavík in the group of Professor David K. Smith at University of York, UK, have unique properties – they can be used as [...]
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We’re developing new analgesics for alleviating chronic pain

They have properties similar to morphine, but unlike traditional opioids, they exhibit fewer adverse side effects. In his research, Václav Havel is working on developing new effective analgesics derived from the [...]
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Tomáš Slanina

We seek to promote tissue regeneration after a heart attack using microRNA

Examining proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules is not a simple task. Therefore scientists often use photochemically controlled bioorthogonal reactions for their labelling. Tomáš Slanina, an Experientia Foundation grant recipient, [...]
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